We love IT

You are in control, we make sure it works the way you want. ICT as a means to work pleasantly. We do everything for our customers without using difficult terms!

Origin and intention

iweb building

Professional project delivery and expert advice. We support companies and (semi-)government throughout the Netherlands and internationally. iWeb helps clients improve organizational and individual performance by leveraging well-managed IT infrastructure, backed by expert IT support and advice, and hand in hand with Advertising and Marketing.

We can act as the IT department of a customer, or supplement an existing IT function and take care of everything related to your Advertising and Marketing. In all cases, we strive for long-term partnerships that add value through a combination of high-quality day-to-day support, expert project delivery and well-considered strategic advice. iWeb was founded in 2007 (as a BV since 2015) and is an end-to-end ICT and Marketing company based in Aalsmeer.

Some reasons

Why choose us?


High-quality hardware

We use first-class hardware, enabling our customers to work with the most efficient equipment.


Dedicated 24/7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 technical support to solve any IT problem.


30-day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our services, you will get your money back within the first 30 days.


Agile and fast working style

An agile organization is prepared for the future, especially in this developing world.


Good service

We take you as a customer seriously and understand that fast and good solutions are important to you.


High usability

All our services and advice have a high usability, so that users experience a pleasant workflow.

The best

Our customers and cooperation partners

Our relationships have disrupted industries, opened new markets and made countless lives better. We are privileged to partner with hundreds of forward-looking companies, including many of the world's best hardware, software and consumer brands.