How do I add an email account to

It can sometimes be useful to receive and send your emails in Hotmail has the functionality to add an existing email account to your Microsoft account. We explain how you can do this in this manual. Please note, with this step-by-step plan you ensure that new emails end up in your Hotmail mailbox and that you can also email from here. Sent emails are not saved and cannot be viewed, this is a known problem at Hotmail that they unfortunately will not address.

Step 1

To get started, go to, sign in here with a pre-existing Microsoft account. Don’t have a Microsoft account yet? Then click on Create a free account to create one.

alle Outlook instellingen

Once you are logged in, go to the gear icon ⚙  at the top right of the page, click on it and select the option Show all Outlook settings at the bottom.

Step 2

Email Synchroniseren

A new window will now appear, now select Synchronize email and then press Other email accounts.

Step 3

Manually Configure

Then enter your email+password and check Manually configure account settings .
When you have done this, press “OK” to go to the advanced settings.

Step 4

Advanced Settings

Now you need to enter all email settings. You can simply copy these settings from the example, but of course replace the login details with your own.
The mail servers can simply be taken over!

Save the changes to finalize the connection to Hotmail.

Step 5

If you now proceed and do not see any error messages, your account has been successfully added. You can now choose your other e-mail address when sending e-mail:


Congratulations! You have just added your email account to Hotmail.

If you run into any problems, our helpdesk will be happy to assist you. We are happy to help you!

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