How do I set up an email account on Android?

In the times of the internet and smartphones, it is almost unthinkable not to be able to retrieve your email on your phone. However, it is of course useful to know how to set up your e-mail account on your Android device. We are happy to explain how you do this in this manual! In this manual we use a Samsung device as an example, the way to create an e-mail account may differ for the devices. In the example we use the most recent Android version. The data is otherwise the same.

Step 1

After you have created an email account, go to the settings on your phone. Scroll down a bit until you reach “Accounts“. Then click on this.


Step 2

You will now see any previously added accounts at the top. Under it it says “Add account” click on that to add a new account.


Step 3

Now click on “Email” to add an email account.


Step 4

Enter your email details here and click on “Login“.


Step 5

Now select IMAP Account or POP3 Account. In the example we use IMAP. The moment you delete an email via your phone, you delete the relevant


email on the server so that it is removed from all devices.Android

Step 6

You will land on a new page. Enter your full email address for the username and, of course, your password for the password. Under “Incoming server” for the IMAP server, enter what is shown in the image below and select “SSL” for Security type. Then click on “Login” again.


Step 7

For the outgoing server, you also enter the SMTP server that is shown below. Also select “SSL” at Security type and use port 465. In addition, check “Verification required for sending e-mail” and enter the e-mail details again below. Now click on “Login” again.


NOTE: It is possible that, if you set up an email account on an Android and you enter an incorrect password, you will not receive a message that the username or password is incorrect, but that the mail server will not respond!

Still not working out for you? Don’t worry and contact the helpdesk!

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