How do I set up an email account with Gmail?

Sometimes it can be easy to route email traffic through Gmail. Gmail has the functionality to add an existing email account to your account within Gmail. We explain how you do this in this manual.

To get started, go to, sign in here with an existing Google account.

Step 1

Once you are logged in, go to the tools icon at the top right of the page, click on it and select “Settings“. In this case a menu / dropdown will pop up which looks like the picture below.

Step 2

You are now on a new page, select “Accounts” in the menu at the top. You will then be given the option to add your own e-mail account. Here you click on : Add an e-mail account.Gmail

Step 3

A new window will now open, in this window you enter your email address as created in our DirectAdmin control panel.

You will then be given the option to enter the email details. Make sure you do this carefully, otherwise the email will not be retrieved properly. Below is a summary of what you need to enter:

  • Username you can enter your own created email address
  • Password Enter the password you chose when creating the email address in our DirectAdmin control panel.
  • For POP server enter:
  • At the gate, choose the gate : 995
  • Leaving a copy of retrieved messages is optional. If you want this, check this. Since gmail also saves them, we advise you to leave this turned off.
  • Always use a secure SSL connection, so that your email traffic is fully encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  • Tagging incoming messages is optional. Suppose you want them to automatically enter a folder or have a certain label, then you can check that. Otherwise it can be left off.
  • Archiving incoming messages is also optional and optional. If on, they will skip your inbox and go straight into an archive so you won’t see them unless you search for them.

Step 4

Once everything has been checked and entered, click on the button: “Add account“.


Pay attention! Gmail works with a POP3 connection. If you want the email to remain on our mail server, you must leave a copy on the server.

Step 5

You will now see the message that the addition was successful. If you see a different message, the entered data may be incorrect or the domain name concerned may not have been linked to your web hosting package so long ago. If you also want to send emails via Gmail, follow the next steps.Gmail

Step 6

You enter your name with which the emails should be sent and click on “Next step“.Gmail

Step 7

For “SMTP server“, enter the information as shown in the image below. Select port 465 and enter the login details of your email account again. In addition, select “Secure connection via SSL“.Gmail

You will now see a screen where you need to copy a check number from your email account, type it in and click on check to successfully add your email account.

Congratulations! You have just added your email account to Gmail. If you run into any problems, our helpdesk will be happy to assist you. We are happy to help you!


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