What customers say about us

Oogkliniek Drechtsteden

Healthcare institution

Very successful and fast-growing company, partly due to IT solutions that support this permanently and are flexible to continue to grow just as fast. It is not always a matter of just looking ahead, but also being able to quickly offer new solutions when growth far exceeds expectations. So being able to act quickly, always have time for the customers and be able to deliver when it is needed and thus not hinder the growth of the customer.



iWeb took care of our entire corporate identity, both online and offline marketing. We attach particular importance to monitoring the marketing campaigns, which enabled us as management to make the right choices at the right time.

Zorgpraktijk Avenue Carnisse

Healthcare institution

Always done business with small IT companies who understood us and provided good service. Until our last IT company suddenly started working with a larger IT company and the misery started! Ticket system for every change, problems were no longer solved, arrogant employees who suddenly can no longer solve your problems. And then you really find out what IT means to you! Luckily we found iWeb and they helped us out with everything. Now we have a properly working IT, all problems have been solved, we can do our work again and it is fast too. Incidentally, it also turns out that it can all be done much cheaper and we have a well-functioning IT for half the money. Thanks iWeb!

Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven

Healthcare institution

It's nice to have an IT company that works with your software supplier and understands very well what kind of business you have. iWeb comes up with the IT solutions that suit us and understands exactly what we deal with and encounter on a daily basis. Sometimes they explain more to us than we need to explain about our wishes. Very nice!


EPD software specialist

We also recommend iWeb to our customers. It's just good what they do, it works and it doesn't cost too much. We have a small IT network ourselves, but it's just nice if it always works. If there is something or we have a question, it is arranged quickly and they are easily accessible. No ticket system or you have to email or get a call back. Usually someone immediately takes a look via Teamviewer and usually it can be solved immediately. We are happy with iWeb


Healthcare institution

We have five branches spread across the country and 1 IT network on which we all work. Simple, good, reliable and safe. When we log in in Amsterdam, we have the printer, scanners, sticker printers and extra software from the Amsterdam branch and not from Bussum or Hattem. Yet we all work with the same files, the same EPD and the same e-mail, etc. When we log in at another location, we already have our own files, desktop, etc. but only the printers, scanners and extra software for that particular location. Furthermore, we are in a securely closed VPN network especially for healthcare thanks to the collaboration between iWeb and ZorgRing. iWeb works well with other parties and relieves us in large sizes. Their IT solutions are what we need, tailored to our situation and not expensive. Our IT is our property and that gives a nice feeling.