Back-up & Security

Security and workshops

We provide you with the best possible security in the field of digital awareness, secure login, viruses/mlaware, hacks and theft.

  • Security advice
  • PEN testing
  • Virus Scanners, Firewalls, Monitoring
  • Keeping your systems up-to-date
  • DUO authentication and/or extra security options such as smart card or biometric logins
  • Physical security of, for example, your server or other equipment
  • Camera security and alarm systems
  • Digital awareness training for your staff


  • Full backup care, including protocols and daily reports
  • Always multiple backup methods, both locally and online (off-site)
  • Tailor-made backup plan to your specific situation
  • Fast restore of single files or entire environments
  • Disaster recovery tests twice a year
  • Archiving of annual backups
  • Daily backup of 2-4 hour periods