Content Strategy

Good content is still leading

Content is not just about writing razor-sharp texts and beautiful videos. Offering relevant content to the right target group at the right time is just as important. With an inbound marketing strategy you create content per target group segment.

  • Short attractive videos to attract attention,
  • informative blogs or white papers to inspire your prospects,
  • and tempting website texts to subsequently convince your customers.

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Content marketing?

This is what you can expect

At iWeb we believe in co-creation. We are happy to let you participate in the process. Because without you we cannot achieve online success. Co-creation is a form of collaboration in which all participants influence the process and the result.

The benefits of content marketing:

  • You set up the content strategy and calendar together with the specialist
  • Content that can be used everywhere, from Instagram and LinkedIn to blogs for your site
  • Not only your target group loves your content, Google does too and that’s how you score higher