Google Ads

Our Google Ads approach

The answer is simple: achieve and convince. We reach your target audience by making smart use of targeting options, such as geotargeting and ages. For example, we only pay for relevant visitors.

On average, 96% of your visitors leave the website without taking any action. By using remarketing, we still convince these visitors. From display banners and Discovery ads to YouTube video ads. We ensure that you remain top-of-mind.

With an experienced team of specialists, we optimize the Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns of large and small brands. Request a QuickScan and discover your marketing opportunities.

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This is what you can expect

We believe in co-creation: we only achieve results by managing the Google Ads campaigns together with you. Who else knows better the nuances of your target audience than you? We are therefore happy to let you participate in the process. Count on our Google Ads specialists to spar with you regularly.

Co-creating with our Google Ads specialists:

  • Brainstorming about the target group, usp’s and your goals
  • Sparring about all expressions and optimizations of your landing pages
  • Weekly consultation and monthly reports

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