Management & Support

Full support in setting up your workstations.

  • Hardware: including PCs, printers, scanners, sticker printers, optimizing internet connection, network cabling, WiFi installations, configurations and security.
  • Always the best prices for refurbished or new hardware.
  • Always tailor-made advice and support.
  • Innovative solutions such as the Raspberry Pi and micro computers.
  • You can also lease hardware from us, including a service and maintenance plan (printers including paper, toners, maintenance and replacement).
  • You can agree an SLA with us or pay on an hourly basis (75 euros per hour excluding VAT).
  • We take out subscriptions for internet, mail, hosting and the like in your name or you can purchase the services from us so that you only receive 1 invoice per month.
  • You are not tied to a long-term contract.