Network management

Central storage & servers

The hardware you need for your network depends, among other things, on the size of your company. We help you make the right choice and set it up.

We are a certified Microsoft Silver partner and specialized in setting up and maintaining Windows networks. This also includes servers and other hardware.

If you have a smaller organization, it is not always necessary to install a Windows server. A flexible or hybrid solution with various cloud services and local storage with a NAS server (a kind of hard drive with a network connection) is sufficient.

Create a (home) network

We can no longer imagine a (home) network without it, every device is connected to the internet, and data must be easily shared. At Simply IT you have come to the right place for good advice and professional construction.

Internet or network via radio connection

Sometimes a Wi-Fi network with a cable is not enough. For example, if you want Wi-Fi over a long distance, want to connect two buildings or are in a remote location. We solve that for you with a radio link.

We take a detailed look at your situation and how we can best install the radio link for you. This way we ensure that you have a fast internet connection everywhere, even in more difficult places.