Private & Public Cloud

Virtual Desktop (RDP), login to your own virtual computer in a managed environment.

  • Your own on-line Windows 10 pro environment that you can easily access from any computer or workplace via “Remote desktop connection”
  • (RDP – Remote desktop).
  • Also works from Mac, iPad or even from your smartphone.
  • Full rights so that you decide which software and application you install and use.
  • No need to use office online, one-drive or dropbox or other cloud services so you don’t have to synchronize.
  • Backups and virus scanner included.
  • High-end hardware ensures a very fast Windows environment (minimum 4 cores, SSD, 6-8 GB memory or 16 GB from 5 users).
  • Live support via Teamviewer.
  • Low costs per employee.
  • Multiple users can use the same Windows 10 environment and the software installed on it (up to a maximum of 9 simultaneous users.
  • DUO authentication via your smartphone.
  • You are not tied to a contract (cancellable monthly).