Social Media

We inspire and convince your target group with a funnel strategy. These imaginary funnels teach us how your customers’ customer journey is and what inspires them. The better we identify your target group, the faster we steer them in the right direction with relevant social content.

We focus on a combination of social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and let the data decide what works best. Discover how we help large and small brands grow.

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This is what you can expect

We believe in co-creation. We can only achieve results if we set up the social media campaigns together with you. Because you know the nuances of your target group best. We are therefore happy to let you participate in the process. Count on our social ads specialists to spar with you regularly.

  • Co-creating with our social ads specialists:
  • Brainstorming about the target group, usp’s and your goals
  • Sparring about all expressions and optimizations of your landing pages
  • Weekly consultation and monthly reports

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