In general terms, the development of a new or an existing website proceeds according to the steps below.

1. Getting acquainted


We are going to determine what the expectations of the new website are. What do you want to achieve with the website…What is the approximate size of your website…What functionality should the website contain…Is a CMS (Content Management System) necessary? Who takes care of the content of the website, both before and after delivery… Roughly what is the budget?

Based on a questionnaire in which all relevant matters are discussed, we can make a suitable offer for you.

Start the questionnaire here:

2. Internet Project Plan


On the basis of an IPP (Internet Project Plan) all steps are described that should lead to reaching the site that you have in mind. Because you can coordinate every step with you, you are involved early on and you are ‘in control’ over the progress of the website

  • Writing analysis and imaging
  • Goal and target group
  • Content and structure in outline
  • Functional design
  • Graphic design
  • Technical design
  • Maintenance plan
  • Promotion plan
  • Planning
Read more about the Internet Project Plan here:

3. Homework 🙂


Now it is important to provide as much content as possible for the website. This includes texts and images, but also relevant search terms on which you want to be found, so that this can be taken into account for the findability of the website.

4. Get started


What will the website look like. Colours, corporate identity and layout of the website are determined on the basis of an existing template or completely customised.

5. Let’s build


The content management system is installed, configured and set up according to the approved design. The various functionalities in components and modules are set up and tested.

During this process, the website runs in a test environment. You can ‘watch’ the developments at an early stage.


The domain and the hosting environment will be arranged if it does not exist yet.

6. Site goes LIVE


When everything is in place and tested, the site can go ONLINE.
However, we are not there yet. Even if a website has been completed, a website is never ready…. It shouldn’t be, because a website needs to be nurtured and maintained.

7. And further…


We will always advise you to conclude a service contract, so that you do not have to worry about the technical up-to-date of the site. Even if your site never changes… the environment in which the site is located is subject to continuous change, which is why it is of great importance to keep up to date technically…

As far as content is concerned, you are in principle responsible yourself. however, we can imagine that you don’t have the time or inclination to make custom pictures and to be busy with layouts of articles that you want to place. We can also take this off your hands by means of a service contract.

8. Training


Perhaps you or one of your employees want to do more with the website, but they do not yet master the tricks. Then a training can be arranged on request, in which exactly what is needed is treated. If desired, this can take place at your own location with 1 or more employees.